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Epic Tantrums … AGAIN! “Muslim” Travel Ban Debunked!

Let’s take a REAL look at that Executive Order 13769, dated 1/30/2017 (to be published in the Federal Register 2/1/2017-available now for viewing at the following link.) [EO 13769, .pdf format] Now, this REQUIRES that everyone READ the EO in … Continue reading

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21st Century Crusade

Anyone still not getting it? Daesh is an army; they are NOT a “terror cell” and they have declared War on us, and, it should be noted, that this POPS specifically named three nations. Three most similar in constitutionality and … Continue reading

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Candidate Dr. Ben Carson Speaks the Truth … PC Be Damned!

Dr. Ben Carson’s honest response to the question of a Muslim becoming President has set the fox amongst the hens and, of course, the screeching has begun at a magnitude 10 level. It is genuinely tragic that, in today’s reality, … Continue reading

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