Welcome to my new blog, “Walking Down Saoirse’s Road …”. I am dedicating this blog to Bill of Rights issues and Constitutional and political issues, in general.

For weeks, I have been wrestling with creating this blog; in today’s climate of uncertainty about whether or not our Freedom of Speech right, as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, is still fully intact has, frankly, given me pause. There is a lot to consider before one speaks out for, or against, any issue. One must ask oneself if painting a bulls-eye on one’s own forehead is worth standing up and speaking. Obviously, I have chosen to take a deep breath and dive into the deep end.

It may be a few days before my first real post appears but, please, come back and, if you feel that you’d like to comment, you are most welcome to do so but … if you get abusive to either myself or anyone else who leaves a comment, you will be banned. Disagree as strenuously as you like but do it with decorum and courtesy, please.

Oh, yes, and in case you’re puzzled about the title of this blog, Saoirse is the Gaelic word for FREEDOM. So, come walk down Freedom’s road along with me!

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