Heartbreak in Orlando at the hands of Evil … Yet, WE ARE ONE Standing Together

Orlando Club Pulse Shooting June 12, 2016


Pray with an open and loving heart for the innocent lives lost, for those wounded and fighting for their lives, for their families and friends, for the first responders – both official and just plain, ordinary citizens, and for all of us.

This is not about Gay vs Straight; Right vs Left; atheism vs Faith; black vs white; this IS about America and Americans and our divine right to live safely in our own nation. This is about our right to be safe from a foreign ideology and its unreasoning, insane hatred. Our young people, our seniors, all of us, should never have to fear walking out our own front doors, sitting in a restaurant to enjoy a meal, going to a club to have fun, listen to music we enjoy and dance with joy with our friends.

Fifteen years ago this coming September, Evil invaded our nation in the form of 19 evil-spawned monsters and murdered 2,996 human beings and wounded some 6,000-plus more. In the wee hours of Sunday, June 12, 2016, that same Evil in the form of one man, who was, once upon a time, also a human being before turning over his soul to an obscene monster ideology, murdered 50 innocent human beings in cold blood and wounded 53 more. NO MORE!

I’ve always likened us Americans to a huge, unruly, contentious family, squabbling among ourselves as siblings are wont to do. We do a damned good job of beating up on each other and creating rifts between ourselves … right up until the moment some outsider takes a swing at one of us. Remember 9/12, my dear ones; how we comported ourselves that day is the real US, the real heart of Americans. We have to stop and reclaim our true heart and soul. We have permitted a select minority of hate-filled, power-seeking fellow Americans to instill hatreds and disagreements with their rhetoric of half-truths, outright lies, and despisement of America and Americans; whose sole purpose is to divide us, one from the other. They hate our embrace, indeed, our integral love, of liberty and freedom; they are the enemies within who have, and continue to, undermine our belief in ourselves by creating faux divisions between us. The purveyors of this hatred want us to be at each other’s throats and we can no longer permit that. We have 50 innocent souls dead and it is long past time that we stopped, took a long, hard look at ourselves in our mirrors and fight past the lies we’ve been told, and have embraced. We have been stupid and we must stop! We are always going to disagree about one thing or another but, as we did for the past 240 years, remember how to agree to disagree. We need each and every one of us to fight for our own preservation as who we truly are. The worst enemy is not outside, it is inside our own “family”; they are the ones who have embraced hatred and clutch it to their breasts like a mother feeding her child. They nurse it and lie to us daily and we need to remember that we are smarter than what we have portrayed ourselves to be in recent years. We must say to them, “No more! We are done with your half-truths, your lies and venom!” Then, and only then, can we hope to combat the insane hatred of our very real enemy from the outside.

Until recently, Americans had the major “failing” of being brutally honest, with each other, with outsiders, and, most importantly, with ourselves. We need to decide, to CHOOSE, to be honest again because ONLY with Truth will we be able to remember that the person standing next to us, with whose opinion or lifestyle or Faith we disagree, is our sister or brother in this huge American Family of ours and no one, even from within this family, has the right to destroy our Family with their half-truths and outright lies. We ARE smarter than the liars and haters; we need to fight our way back to where we say to each other, “I don’t agree with your perspective, or your lifestyle, or whatever, but I’ll be damned if I’ll permit anyone to prevent you from holding your own views and I’ll be double-damned if I will permit anyone to harm you because of them.”

One voice, one people, our uniqueness, our exceptionalism is BECAUSE we don’t all look and think the same and that, while we may disagree with each other, when it counts the most, from what may seem small and petty to what is soul-wrenchingly horrible, WE ARE ONE!

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