How Far We’ve Fallen …

Fox News – Trump supporters, protesters clash outside rally in Salt Lake City

My grandmother had a very insightful and absolutely true adage, “Cash does not bestow class.” She knew a whole lot about having true class; she was the breathing embodiment of it and, yes, she was born into and grew up in a very wealthy family. Her father, my great-grandfather, was a Civil War Soldier’s Orphan. He lived in one room above a butcher’s shop where, at the age of 16, he went to work to support his widowed mother, two sisters, and brother driving a wagon 26 miles, back and forth from Rostraver Twp. to Pittsburgh on unpaved roads in 1875 until he was able to secure a job with a coal company a year later. Papa worked his tail off at the coal company to continue to support his family, provide what we would today consider a full education for his siblings and pay his own way through Iron City College. By the time he was 31, he had formed his own namesake company, becoming the owner of his own coal mine and coal barge line and was incredibly wealthy for the era. His wife, my great-grandmother, was the daughter of Bavarian immigrants; obviously not born into great wealth, her father was a coal miner. Like Trump, my grandmother and her sisters grew up in “privilege” but, unlike Trump, class, dignity, integrity, grace, and the absolute, “written in stone” responsibility of “noblesse oblige” was deeply instilled in them by their parents.

Why do I sketch out this encapsulated history of my family, you wonder? I am trying to make a point that Trump, born into great wealth just like my grandmother, never had appropriate qualities instilled in him. He is an entitled boor and little more than a thug; betraying his boorishness in his speech and behavior daily played out on our television sets. He would never have been tolerated by my great-grandfather and Papa had to deal with one of the most boorish fellow mine owners of his era, Henry Clay Frick, who was little more than a rich thug.

Every person is responsible for what issues forth from their own mind and Trump has made it crystal clear that his mind works at a crude level that creates no distinction between himself and the thuggery portrayed by the Progressive opposition. Trump’s supporters are behaving in exactly the same manner as we have witnessed these Leftist “gangs” behave; there is NO difference between them, in any way, shape, or form. Their speech is rife with only anger, vitriol and epithets; completely devoid of any sensible argument supportive of their respective political and social positions. Note: “I’m angry!” is NOT an intelligent or substantive argument for anything! It requires no Ph.D in political science, nor a decades-long career as a psychiatrist, to clearly see the foundation of Trump’s psyche. He has no depth of political philosophy but relies on feeding the anger and frustration felt by millions of American citizens with empty “talking points”, devoid of any verifiable substance that embodies genuine reparation for the wounds and ills rampant in our nation, society, and culture today. He is being proclaimed as championing “truth” versus the heinous politically correct speech with which we have become virulently infected but that could not be farther from the reality. Being verbally hateful, crass, and rude is not being “truthful” and upright; it is merely being hateful, crass, and rude. He has climbed down into the same offal-laden sewer in which the PC crowd wallow in order to pander to the same, heretofore unleashed, foul behavior and mentality of some self-proclaimed, though foundationally lacking in fundamentals and integrity, “Conservative” elements. Yes, we are burdened with such foul creatures, too.

When one strives to create and lead a “movement”, one IS responsible for the behavior of its followers. Trump IS inciting anger, hatred, and violence among far too many of those who think he is the “magic cure” for all our ills. He is responsible for the actions of his adherents because he is feeding their ire daily, dismissing their acts of violence and hateful rhetoric with a shrug and a smile, much like a horribly bad parent patting his bully child on the back and encouraging his heinous behavior. His celebrity, yes, celebrity versus earned respect for genuine leadership qualities, is his sole “qualification” as the leader of a movement whose goal is the betterment of a nation. I will not argue his vacuous and nugatory “policies” since there is actually nothing against which to launch an argument; there simply are no substantial policies issued by this candidate. This is about character, or the lack thereof.

The latest fracas in Utah is really just more of the same thuggish, empty-minded behavior we have come to see as emblematic of Trump supporters and of the candidate himself. In this latest near-riot between these two brainless sides, BOTH are to blame. It was sheer dumb luck that no one was harmed … this time. This MUST end and there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that someone of Trump’s character as our President will only serve to “let loose the dogs of war” between our own people and that, ladies and gentlemen, will NEVER repair and again coalesce our nation.

I pray that people will start thinking rationally and calmly and cease to simply react like brats throwing a tantrum. Those on opposite sides of this political environment are not the enemy; they are our brother and sister American citizens, our family, and it is time to start acting like responsible adults and cease behaving like punks.

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