Epic Tantrums … AGAIN! “Muslim” Travel Ban Debunked!

Let’s take a REAL look at that Executive Order 13769, dated 1/30/2017 (to be published in the Federal Register 2/1/2017-available now for viewing at the following link.) [EO 13769, .pdf format]

Now, this REQUIRES that everyone READ the EO in its entirety, especially those whose knees have slammed like a bullet-train into their noses over the course of the last couple of days. For millions of you out there I realize that is asking a great deal; why should you have to take up any personal responsibility for acquiring FACTUAL information, right?

At no place, on no page, within no paragraph or sentence in the EO are the words “Muslim,” “Islam,” nor any specific reference to ANY individual religion or faith system used. Nowhere, none, zero, zip!

The cessation of intakes of travelers is, however, very, very specific in its scope, what kind of Visas are impacted, and, most importantly, what nations are, as of this moment, under a TEMPORARY travel ban. That word, “temporary,” is one you WILL find in the text.

Okay, the nations effected and, let’s break it down by religion since everyone is screeching on and on about a “Muslim Ban”: (listed by # of overall population identified as Muslim; the reflected percentage of its population recognized as Muslim; the smaller of the percentage numbers shown here will represent the percentage of the entire world’s population of Muslims as represented by that particular nation)

IRAN: 74+ million; 99.7%; 4.6% (pop.; % of pop.; % of global Muslims)

SUDAN: 39+ million; 97.0%; 1.9%

IRAQ: 31+ million; 98.9%; 1.9%

YEMEN: 24+ million; 99.0%; 1.5%

SYRIA: 20+ million; 90%; 1.3%

SOMALIA: 9+ million; 98.9%; 0.6%

LIBYA: 6+ million; 96.6%; 0.4%

ALL seven of these nations account for ONLY 12.2% of the entire world’s identified population of Muslims — COMBINED!

Now, let’s look at the data that is being 100% ignored by the screechers and ranters, shall we? Can you handle some more FACTS?

TOP 15 PREDOMINANTLY MUSLIMS NATIONS WORLDWIDE, by percentage of overall population: (population count specifically only Muslim; % of that population who are Muslim; % of world’s overall Muslims. ** Resident on the Temporary Ban List)

#1 Maldives: 309K; 100%; <0.1%

#2 Mauritania: 4+ million; 100%; 0.2%

#3 Afghanistan: 29+ million; 99.8%; 1.8%

#4 Tunisia: 11+ million; 99.8%; 0.6%

#5 Iran**: 74+ million; 99.7%; 4.6%

#6 Western Sahara: 528k; 99.6%; <0.1%

#7 Morocco: 32+ million; 99%; 2.0%

#8 Tajikstan: 7+ million; 99%; 0.4%

#9 Yemen**: 24+ million; 99%; 1.5%

#10 Iraq**: 31+ million; 98.9%; 1.9%

#11 Somalia**: 9+ million; 98.9%; 0.6%

#12 Mayotte: 197k; 98.8%; <0.1%

#13 Turkey: 74+ million; 98.6%; 4.6%

#14 Azerbaijan: 8+ million; 98.4%; 0.5%

#15 Comoros: 785k; 98.3%; <0.1%

But, wait, there’s more and it gets even more interesting, infuriating for the knee-to-nose slammers … the Top Three Muslim Nations in the World are … *drumroll, please***

#1 Indonesia: 204+ million Muslims = 87.2% of their overall population = 12.7% of world’s Muslim population!

#2 Pakistan: 178+ million Muslims = 96.4% of their overall population = 11.0% of world’s Muslim population!

#3 India: 172+ million Muslims = 14.2% of their overall population = 10.9% of world’s Muslim population!

But, wait a minute! This flagrant “Islamophobic,” anti-Muslim ban IS a ban on ALL Muslims entering the U.S., right? Now, I realize so many are victims of the faux mathematics of Common Core but, really, even you can figure out this one … go ahead, use your fingers and toes to count it up if you need to.

Sorry, kiddies, FAIL … yet again! IF this was a ban on MUSLIMS, then why wouldn’t ALL Muslims from ALL nations not be on the restricted list?! Again, EPIC FAIL of your intended narrative based, as usual, on half-truths and outright lies. Poor dears; FACTS really suck, don’t they? Better luck with your next tantrum … well, no, not really.

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Heartbreak in Orlando at the hands of Evil … Yet, WE ARE ONE Standing Together

Orlando Club Pulse Shooting June 12, 2016


Pray with an open and loving heart for the innocent lives lost, for those wounded and fighting for their lives, for their families and friends, for the first responders – both official and just plain, ordinary citizens, and for all of us.

This is not about Gay vs Straight; Right vs Left; atheism vs Faith; black vs white; this IS about America and Americans and our divine right to live safely in our own nation. This is about our right to be safe from a foreign ideology and its unreasoning, insane hatred. Our young people, our seniors, all of us, should never have to fear walking out our own front doors, sitting in a restaurant to enjoy a meal, going to a club to have fun, listen to music we enjoy and dance with joy with our friends.

Fifteen years ago this coming September, Evil invaded our nation in the form of 19 evil-spawned monsters and murdered 2,996 human beings and wounded some 6,000-plus more. In the wee hours of Sunday, June 12, 2016, that same Evil in the form of one man, who was, once upon a time, also a human being before turning over his soul to an obscene monster ideology, murdered 50 innocent human beings in cold blood and wounded 53 more. NO MORE!

I’ve always likened us Americans to a huge, unruly, contentious family, squabbling among ourselves as siblings are wont to do. We do a damned good job of beating up on each other and creating rifts between ourselves … right up until the moment some outsider takes a swing at one of us. Remember 9/12, my dear ones; how we comported ourselves that day is the real US, the real heart of Americans. We have to stop and reclaim our true heart and soul. We have permitted a select minority of hate-filled, power-seeking fellow Americans to instill hatreds and disagreements with their rhetoric of half-truths, outright lies, and despisement of America and Americans; whose sole purpose is to divide us, one from the other. They hate our embrace, indeed, our integral love, of liberty and freedom; they are the enemies within who have, and continue to, undermine our belief in ourselves by creating faux divisions between us. The purveyors of this hatred want us to be at each other’s throats and we can no longer permit that. We have 50 innocent souls dead and it is long past time that we stopped, took a long, hard look at ourselves in our mirrors and fight past the lies we’ve been told, and have embraced. We have been stupid and we must stop! We are always going to disagree about one thing or another but, as we did for the past 240 years, remember how to agree to disagree. We need each and every one of us to fight for our own preservation as who we truly are. The worst enemy is not outside, it is inside our own “family”; they are the ones who have embraced hatred and clutch it to their breasts like a mother feeding her child. They nurse it and lie to us daily and we need to remember that we are smarter than what we have portrayed ourselves to be in recent years. We must say to them, “No more! We are done with your half-truths, your lies and venom!” Then, and only then, can we hope to combat the insane hatred of our very real enemy from the outside.

Until recently, Americans had the major “failing” of being brutally honest, with each other, with outsiders, and, most importantly, with ourselves. We need to decide, to CHOOSE, to be honest again because ONLY with Truth will we be able to remember that the person standing next to us, with whose opinion or lifestyle or Faith we disagree, is our sister or brother in this huge American Family of ours and no one, even from within this family, has the right to destroy our Family with their half-truths and outright lies. We ARE smarter than the liars and haters; we need to fight our way back to where we say to each other, “I don’t agree with your perspective, or your lifestyle, or whatever, but I’ll be damned if I’ll permit anyone to prevent you from holding your own views and I’ll be double-damned if I will permit anyone to harm you because of them.”

One voice, one people, our uniqueness, our exceptionalism is BECAUSE we don’t all look and think the same and that, while we may disagree with each other, when it counts the most, from what may seem small and petty to what is soul-wrenchingly horrible, WE ARE ONE!

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“Gender-identity” Delusions … Stay Out Of My Bathroom!

Let’s try this one more time, and we’ll keep on saying it until it penetrates the delusion under which some are prancing around when they should probably be sitting in a psychiatrist’s office or in a fine psychiatric hospital ward.

A person’s gender is ONLY based, legitimately, upon your DNA and bone structure (spend some time informing yourself about how a forensic anthropologist determines the gender of a skeleton). Now, yes, through the years some have actually had surgery that restructures their anatomy but, no, waking up and deciding that you “identify” as a gender, or species, for that matter, that is NOT in sync with your DNA is NOT psychologically normal.

If your DNA is comprised of XY chromosomes, you ARE a male; if your DNA is comprised of XX chromosomes, you ARE a female. Donning a dress, growing your hair and fingernails longer, slapping nail polish on your nails, figuring out how to walk in stiletto heels without breaking your ankle, forcing yourself to walk with an exaggerated hip swing, not a natural movement for males because your hips just aren’t made that way naturally, shaving your legs and underarms, and pumping your body full of hormone levels nature did not intend your body to have does NOT a woman make. If you have a penis and no physiological traces of a vagina, uterus, and ovaries, you are a male. Conversely, if you have a vagina, uterus, and ovaries but no penis, you are a female.

Being born male is not something about which I can opine because, well, I wasn’t. But, being born female and growing up as a girl into a woman IS. It is a journey through wonders and nightmares; through joy and pain that ONLY another genuine female can ever fully understand. I am confident that males will tell you the same thing about their journey from boyhood into manhood. Dressing up as the opposite of your natural gender is not going to make you “understand” what it truly means to be a woman, or a man. It’s faux reality that only a few years ago psychiatry was handling as a disorder requiring, at the very least, therapy. Now, if you are one of the exceptionally rare individuals who was diagnosed with the GENUINE physiological disorder (as opposed to Psychiatric disorder) of gonadal intersex, or Disorders of Sexual Development, then you have a valid argument and, chances are, your doctors, both physicians and psychiatrists, are already helping you deal with the disorder but you are, most likely, NOT one of these scores of nimrods dressing up in drag and demanding to be treated as someone they are not and forcing the rest of us to kowtow to that delusion. I have sympathy for anyone trying to live with a mental illness but pandering to it is just not in the best interest of anyone, especially the one who is mentally ill.

And all that said leads to this obscenity of permitting an opposing gender to use a toilet or locker room facility intended for the use, and, I might add, the security, safety, and privacy, of one gender only, e.g., female, by someone who “identifies” as female but is, in reality, male. Okay, let’s play this out to what is going to, inevitably, happen. Some male who claims a “gender identity” of female is permitted into the women’s toilet and/or locker room, especially if said toilet or locker room is located in a predominantly child environment. Do I need to spell out graphically what the very real potential is for the commission of a violent crime, at worst, and voyeuristic titillation at the somewhat less worst? If you are a natural male and you want to use the female’s private facilities, let’s have a look under that skirt of yours and see what your “hardware” actually denotes. If you have a penis, you do not belong in my WC; go next door.

This whole atmosphere of “everything is acceptable” is pure, unadulterated bullshit! (Excuse my “French” but there just is not a more accurately descriptive word for it!) The current idiocy extends to just about every aberrant act and attitude imaginable but this one is a disaster waiting to happen and the clock is ticking down on that. Frankly, if you want to prance around the planet in drag and pretend you’re a woman when you’re not, and never really ever will be, or a horse, or a “dragon”, or whatever, knock yourself out but do not infringe upon my right to feel safe and secure when I have to pee!

Are you offended? Good! I am offended and know this, there are millions of us in our country who are equally offended and utterly fed up with this, and all the other, ludicrous, amoral, immoral, offensive, idiotic, superficial, lazy, self-entitled, whiny attitudes. I can just imagine the absolute shock if we turned the tables on you and started filing lawsuits based upon our reactions of offense. You’ve set the precedent, now you will, eventually, have to live with the effects of that. It has become grotesquely evident why you lot are waging an all-out assault against anyone in this nation who still holds to genuine moral values; you know we’re in the right and that your so-called “values” are empty, frivolous, and, in a majority of cases, downright immoral and run contrary to civilized behavior.

What’s next? Will some monster child rapist be given a walkaway because he “identifies” as a child who “loves” other children? We are a tolerant society here and thank goodness we are but there ARE limits and EVERYTHING GOES is not acceptable to the stability of a civilized society, or world. There are limits because there MUST be limits or chaos results … sound familiar, America? That’s what we have now, chaos; and it is long past time that the sane, reasoned citizens of this nation put their collective “foot down” on the necks of the purveyors of that chaos. And, let me make one other thing absolutely crystal clear; the reacquisition of a real America and her values is NOT about raging anger. This anger idiocy being pandered to, and encouraged by, any politician – not naming names here – or public figure is equally as horrendous and un-American as the current “cupcake snowflake” attitudes!

Target: Use the bathroom of your ‘gender identity’

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How Far We’ve Fallen …

Fox News – Trump supporters, protesters clash outside rally in Salt Lake City

My grandmother had a very insightful and absolutely true adage, “Cash does not bestow class.” She knew a whole lot about having true class; she was the breathing embodiment of it and, yes, she was born into and grew up in a very wealthy family. Her father, my great-grandfather, was a Civil War Soldier’s Orphan. He lived in one room above a butcher’s shop where, at the age of 16, he went to work to support his widowed mother, two sisters, and brother driving a wagon 26 miles, back and forth from Rostraver Twp. to Pittsburgh on unpaved roads in 1875 until he was able to secure a job with a coal company a year later. Papa worked his tail off at the coal company to continue to support his family, provide what we would today consider a full education for his siblings and pay his own way through Iron City College. By the time he was 31, he had formed his own namesake company, becoming the owner of his own coal mine and coal barge line and was incredibly wealthy for the era. His wife, my great-grandmother, was the daughter of Bavarian immigrants; obviously not born into great wealth, her father was a coal miner. Like Trump, my grandmother and her sisters grew up in “privilege” but, unlike Trump, class, dignity, integrity, grace, and the absolute, “written in stone” responsibility of “noblesse oblige” was deeply instilled in them by their parents.

Why do I sketch out this encapsulated history of my family, you wonder? I am trying to make a point that Trump, born into great wealth just like my grandmother, never had appropriate qualities instilled in him. He is an entitled boor and little more than a thug; betraying his boorishness in his speech and behavior daily played out on our television sets. He would never have been tolerated by my great-grandfather and Papa had to deal with one of the most boorish fellow mine owners of his era, Henry Clay Frick, who was little more than a rich thug.

Every person is responsible for what issues forth from their own mind and Trump has made it crystal clear that his mind works at a crude level that creates no distinction between himself and the thuggery portrayed by the Progressive opposition. Trump’s supporters are behaving in exactly the same manner as we have witnessed these Leftist “gangs” behave; there is NO difference between them, in any way, shape, or form. Their speech is rife with only anger, vitriol and epithets; completely devoid of any sensible argument supportive of their respective political and social positions. Note: “I’m angry!” is NOT an intelligent or substantive argument for anything! It requires no Ph.D in political science, nor a decades-long career as a psychiatrist, to clearly see the foundation of Trump’s psyche. He has no depth of political philosophy but relies on feeding the anger and frustration felt by millions of American citizens with empty “talking points”, devoid of any verifiable substance that embodies genuine reparation for the wounds and ills rampant in our nation, society, and culture today. He is being proclaimed as championing “truth” versus the heinous politically correct speech with which we have become virulently infected but that could not be farther from the reality. Being verbally hateful, crass, and rude is not being “truthful” and upright; it is merely being hateful, crass, and rude. He has climbed down into the same offal-laden sewer in which the PC crowd wallow in order to pander to the same, heretofore unleashed, foul behavior and mentality of some self-proclaimed, though foundationally lacking in fundamentals and integrity, “Conservative” elements. Yes, we are burdened with such foul creatures, too.

When one strives to create and lead a “movement”, one IS responsible for the behavior of its followers. Trump IS inciting anger, hatred, and violence among far too many of those who think he is the “magic cure” for all our ills. He is responsible for the actions of his adherents because he is feeding their ire daily, dismissing their acts of violence and hateful rhetoric with a shrug and a smile, much like a horribly bad parent patting his bully child on the back and encouraging his heinous behavior. His celebrity, yes, celebrity versus earned respect for genuine leadership qualities, is his sole “qualification” as the leader of a movement whose goal is the betterment of a nation. I will not argue his vacuous and nugatory “policies” since there is actually nothing against which to launch an argument; there simply are no substantial policies issued by this candidate. This is about character, or the lack thereof.

The latest fracas in Utah is really just more of the same thuggish, empty-minded behavior we have come to see as emblematic of Trump supporters and of the candidate himself. In this latest near-riot between these two brainless sides, BOTH are to blame. It was sheer dumb luck that no one was harmed … this time. This MUST end and there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that someone of Trump’s character as our President will only serve to “let loose the dogs of war” between our own people and that, ladies and gentlemen, will NEVER repair and again coalesce our nation.

I pray that people will start thinking rationally and calmly and cease to simply react like brats throwing a tantrum. Those on opposite sides of this political environment are not the enemy; they are our brother and sister American citizens, our family, and it is time to start acting like responsible adults and cease behaving like punks.

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A Revisionists Take on the Bible


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2016 IS THE SECOND 1776


“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

“When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

“The Declaration” by The Fifth Dimension

I wonder, how many people today can ascribe each of the above to their historical documents; documents that are wholly unique in the history of civilization. Each is indicative of a people determined to grasp Freedom and Liberty within a white-knuckled grip and say to their foes, “No! You may not infringe on my God-granted Rights as a human being!” And, now, you may rightly ask why I have tossed both these profoundly American statements in your faces. Hearken to the title I’ve chosen for this article, “2016 IS THE SECOND 1776.” I believe that, not since the years leading up to our American Revolution, has our nation been as politically and philosophically divided and internally contentious as it is today and the root cause of this current, potentially disastrous schism is one thing, out of which every ugly, dark, and evil plant has sprung is the vile, wholly un-American dark seed that is Political Correctness. This Marxist-based concept underlies every battleground issue we are deluged with daily. It has led to the erosion of Truth, our American Truth that we are exceptional and unique in this world, it has permitted the neo-fascist Leftist-Progressives to ride roughshod over the majority of us with their demands to remodel us in the image of the socially, politically, and morally declining European nations – who, in reality, ceased to be real nations and became nothing more than city-states with the inception of the European Union, itself, really, nothing more than a deluded attempt to reconstitute the long-dead Austro-Hungarian Empire and, like that tragically despotic Empire, is an unmitigated failure. The degeneration of Europe into a glaringly obvious impotent, unholy mess is what the PC crowd is stubbornly determined to turn the United States into, by oozing unsubstantiated claims of inequality and unfairness by our system or by all-out blatant bullying and threats, a la Hitler’s infamous Brown Shirts. Yes, you read that correctly; I did conflate the Politically Correct “soldiers” here in the United States with Hitler’s Nazis. They are one and the same; same motivations, same tactics, same desired outcome – totalitarian control of the citizens.

At some point in time, we dozed off and permitted the neo-Fascists within our own culture to ram their anti-American sentiments of disparagement and outright hatred of Liberty and Freedom down our throats with the Brown Shirts’ most cherished tactics, bullying and threats of vile canards leveled at anyone who spoke the truth. Truth must be silenced, at any cost! One need only listen closely to their arguments in favor of multi-culturalism, diversity, etc., and it becomes crystal clear that none of their philosophies have any basis is reality whatsoever so it is absolutely necessary for them to “win the day” by banshee-screeching down the intelligent, reasoned opposition with threats and accusations of “racism” or “sexism” or whatever-ism they can concoct. Those allegations are, truly, frightening. No reasoned, sane American wants to carry the heinous, however wholly untrue, “tag” of “racist” and that is completely understandable. However, at some point, those of us who are still American in our philosophy, our morals, and our patriotism and belief in our nation and culture need to take a deep breath, armor ourselves with the truth that we are in the right and bear the burden of the unjust epithets spewed at us. Our Republic stands or falls upon our determination and courage to weather the storm of vileness that threatens to not only weaken but absolutely destroy the one and only true Republic nation whose foundation is based, unreservedly and dedicatedly, upon the Great Freedoms. The United States of America is the sole beacon of hope, freedom, liberty, and truth in this world. It was our reliance upon these moral truths that gave us the fortitude, dedication, and determination to not only win two World Wars but to resoundingly obliterate one of the greatest evils the world had ever fallen victim to up until now. We not only recognized where the high road to true justice laid but we were able to find it on our internal map and stay the course upon that road to a true moral victory over the foulest of evils. The day has returned when we must place our feet firmly upon that same high road, march up the highway to the pinnacle of Truth, Freedom, and Liberty once again; pushing off the edge of the cliff any and all aspects of the heinous, soul-stealing Political Correctness that we come across along our route. This rededication to true American Principles is our salvation. We are one nation, under God, ordained by God to carry the beacon of Truth, Justice, Freedom, and Liberty to all the peoples of the world. We are not one acorn in a bushel basket of acorns; we are the acorn, the seed of Liberty out of which the mighty tree of Freedom grows under whose branches diverse peoples across the globe still yearn to shelter.

In this Presidential election year, we have but one chance left to reclaim our Republic and reestablish her as she was ordained to be. The gale force winds of Leftist-Progressive-Marxism have, heretofore, been winning the skirmishes because, and we must “own” this, we have been lazy and apathetic about our responsibility as citizens of this great nation. We chose to allow the corruption of our core principles and morals to become degraded and that unacceptable attitude must be tossed out with yesterday’s trash. Generations before us struggled to create an ideal, a protected environment where Freedom and Liberty for all was the rule, not the exception; subsequent generations fought and died to preserve this Union of principles. Now, today, the mantle of responsibility is our inheritance and with that comes a requirement of commitment from every one of us to each of our founding principles. There can be no place in this Republic for totalitarian aspirations; such desires are anti-American in their totality and must be handed their hat and shown the door. We must reclaim our nation, our unique culture, and our moral core; there is no other course open to people who were nursed with the milk of Freedom. If you crave the power to disdain and control our people, you are in the wrong house. There are decaying mansions around the world where such desires are welcome and where you will find that you are a perfect fit; book your journey now. We cannot, we will not tolerate your presence in our house any longer. Consider this your eviction notice. It’s long past time for Political Correctness devotees to either beg forgiveness for their perversion and attempted subversion of our nation or move on.

The pitching of that gauntlet at the feet of our enemies begs one question of my fellow American citizens, with whom will you stand? Will you stand beneath the massive branches of the Liberty Tree with the shades of the Sons of Liberty or will you cower before the enemies of Freedom and Liberty? Will you choose only representatives who are dedicated to our Constitution or one who bases his positions on nothing more than a reflection of those same enemies’ anger and hatred? Like it or not, it is time to stand up straight and be a truly responsible American patriot; where do you stand? The clock is ticking.

In 251 days, we will elect a new President, all 435 members of our House of Representatives, and 34 seats in our Senate and know this, the Leftist-Progressives will go down in ignominy and the PC cadre will have no shelter left to them. Consider this the proverbial “shot across the bow”; your one and only warning. We, the dedicated, freedom-cherishing citizens of the United States of America are coming for you, have your bags packed because your time is over.

This is the United States of America; if you are a PC acolyte you are not one of us and you are no longer welcome here! Even tolerance has its limit.

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AUTOMATIC Ignorance Dispelled

This was a good sit-down interview and I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but I will give a thumbs up to Behar for actually keeping her trap shut long enough to listen to what Sen. Paul had to say. Sen. Rand Paul on “The View” Whoopie, however, is still, I think, experiencing some level of confusion about the REAL difference between automatic-fire and semi-automatic-fire weapons. I’m not addressing the EA issued by Obama here; this is solely about the engineering REALITY of a SEMI-AUTOMATIC vs fully-AUTOMATIC weapon. Now, that’s taken care of, let’s move on. This is lengthy and, frankly, since my level of cynicism has grown over the years of listening to the PC crowd and their rampant ignorance of real facts, I have to wonder how many of the same will read this in fear that I’m going to blow planet-sized holes through their arguments; it might throw a monkey wrench into their ad nauseam posting of completely devoid of facts and truth memes. We’ll see…

The light bulb went on as I was listening to this discussion. The REAL problem here is knowledge. Not one of the weapons used in any of the mass murders in the U.S. through these past years has been an AUTOMATIC weapon. They are all, all the way up through the AR15, SEMI-AUTOMATIC and here’s the difference. Let’s do this with simple basic FACTS. You can easily google the weapons I am using as examples yourself, too.

AUTOMATIC weapon – Thompson Sub-machine Gun (sub-machine refers to its physical size, not its fire capability. I’m referencing the “Tommy” because it is a weapon that rings a bell with most people). The “Tommy” is a fully automatic-fire weapon that releases ordnance at a sustained rate with one pull of the trigger. The rate of fire depends upon which version of the “Tommy” you use. Way back in 1919, it had a cyclic rate of fire at 1,200 rounds per minute (rpm); in the 1921 version, the rpm was 800 rounds. I’m not going to go through each era here right now; the weapon’s history is available online to anyone who wants to look it up. The point is, a fully-AUTOMATIC weapon releases ordnance is rapid succession while the trigger is held in firing position.

SEMI-AUTOMATIC weapon – AR15 (using this one only because everyone automatically references this without any knowledge or understanding of it whatsoever) – there is NO cyclic rate of fire! In reality, other than the visual difference, there is no difference in the rate of fire between the AR15 and your (pick any manufacturer) semi-automatic “hand gun”. The rate of fire of ALL SEMI-AUTOMATIC weapons is SOLELY dependent upon how fast your finger can squeeze the trigger each time you want to fire. Period. FACT. This is the engineering and physics of semi-automatic weapons, regardless of how they look! [Shannon Watts, please take note of the following information.] Holding the trigger without releasing it after each shot will NOT make the weapon into an AUTOMATIC-fire weapon. Again, learn for yourself and google the mechanics of a semi-automatic weapon and learn how it actually works!

Stock composition, foldable or rigid, hand-grips, no matter how many or where they are positioned on the weapon, have NO any effect whatsoever on the rate of fire (cyclic rate) of any weapon! None! Zero! Zilch! The ONLY thing that effects the rate of fire of a SEMI-AUTOMATIC weapon is YOUR trigger finger and how quickly you are able to squeeze, release, and squeeze it again!

Are semi-automatic sidearms “faster” fire than a Revolver? Yes, marginally and that is also due to the engineering of the weapon itself. A semi-automatic, and we’ve all seen them in scores upon scores of movies and TV shows, I’ll use the commonly familiar Glock as an example, differs from a Revolver, at the simplest level of comparison in how the ordnance is “fed” into firing position. A Revolver is a single shot load; you take a bullet, insert it into its chamber in the cylinder and go on to the next one. A semi-automatic pistol uses a magazine that slides into the bottom, usually the handgrip, of the weapon and it “automatically” feeds a new round into the firing chamber after each time the trigger is squeezed. That’s hyper-simplistic but there are scads of websites that you can find that explain, with pictures, the difference and the mechanics of each type of weapon.

Be anti-2nd Amendment, if you wish; that is your right as an American citizen but, please, if you’re going to try to argue a point, educate yourself so you don’t sound like a total fool awash in absolute ignorance of the FACTS. And, one last thing; if you’re going to argue against personal weapons in the possession of legal, law-abiding citizens and you want to sound as if you do know what you’re talking about in regards to specific weapon types, learn the nomenclature – it is a magazine, not a clip! Using incorrect terminology will, I guarantee you, invalidate your argument as ignorant of the thing against which you are arguing. I’ll add one more thing. If you actually do want to understand the reality, take thyself over to your local firing range and speak with the experts. Ask them to show you how the weapons work, and, if you’re not scared that the weapon is going to take it upon itself to, independent of human interaction, shoot you, ask to fire them then, and please do record this for posting, ask the range expert to make that AR15 in your hands turn into a fully-automatic fire weapon. Are you up to the challenge or going to just keep swimming in your ignorance-flooded pool of absolute inaccuracy? I wonder …

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Justice Scalia Nails It! There is no concept of religious neutrality in speech

Freedom to NOT believe in G-d is a given, and IS already protected in our nation. That, however, does NOT mean that entities like ‪#‎FFRF speak for the majority of Americans, of whatever beliefs they hold, nor does it, in any way, shape, or form, speak for the attitudes of our Founders and the Framers of our Constitution. Quite the contrary, actually, if anyone actually bothers to take the time to read their thoughts and feelings in their own words. But, I guess, since the orgasmic delight today comes from pandering to hatred and self-delusion that’s too much to expect from anyone who lays claim to the term “Liberal”; another wholly incorrectly-used term of self-application, by the way, and a direct insult to all who are truly Liberal in thought.

The volcanic spewing of the phrase “separation of church and state” is thrown around by what amounts to cretins either deliberately taking it completely out of context and turning it into something it does NOT say, or mean, solely for their own self-serving purpose or they’re just plain too stupid and ignorant to take the minute or so required to read what Jefferson actually said within context. Either way, they’re wrong; they are 100% incorrect in applying that phrase to any part of their hatred agendas. We are a nation founded upon the clearly defined principles of Judeo-Christian tradition and Mosaic laws. That is the FACT.

Justice Scalia nails it beautifully and succinctly in the following statements,

“God has been very good to us. That we won the revolution was extraordinary. The Battle of Midway was extraordinary. I think one of the reasons God has been good to us is that we have done him honor. Unlike the other countries of the world that do not even invoke his name we do him honor. In presidential addresses, in Thanksgiving proclamations and in many other ways,” Scalia said.

“There is nothing wrong with that and do not let anybody tell you that there is anything wrong with that,” he added.”

The bottom line is this, ultimately, you’re going to lose this battle, your kind always do. You have no center moral core to sustain you, not because you don’t believe in G-d; no, there are scores of genuine Atheists who do not believe in a higher power yet still have a firm grasp of, and belief in, a good moral code and actually support the protection of Faith in this country and the free expression of it, nor do they writhe around in ecstatic glee in a cesspool of hatred and darkness. That attitude is reserved for the likes of the FFRF crowd and their acolytes; hatred for all that is moral and just is their foundation and, for that, I pity you.

The United States of America IS a Judeo-Christian nation who happily embraces, welcomes, and protects beliefs that dwell outside that tradition, even when it makes us raise an eyebrow in puzzlement. Even then, we will still accept your philosophy, and your right to it, until it crosses a Constitutional or abusive-in-nature line. That is our raison d’etre as a nation; it is, if you will, part of our national DNA. Haters of believers in G-d are the outsiders who equally hate the philosophy that “all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.” and hate those who walk with that anthem of equality and fairness every single day. And I pity them.

As I said, ultimately, we are going to win. We are going to protect our Constitution and the TRUTH of our historical fact. Unlike those who would have it otherwise, we will tolerate you and your diatribes and hatreds only up to the point where you seek to destroy the gift that is our nation, our United States of America. The moment you tread across that line from the right to speak your mind into advocating for destruction of our American values of freedom, liberty, justice, and equality, you’re going to run smack into a meaty fist that punches back saying, “No! Not on my watch, you’re not!” [You will clearly note that the word “multi-culturalism” is NOT included among those values. It is not included because it is a crap-laden chimera that means nothing and has no actual value to a stable society. Likewise, the term “diversity”. It is a given, historically, that the USA is a nation of diversity otherwise we would be as homogeneous as nearly every other nation. We are not, have never been, and never will be a homogeneous nation, in any form, including one of religion … Islamists take note about that fact.]

Their greatest weakness is their stupid belief that, because we do embrace the hope of Peace and will never stop seeking it, we are weak. Let me disabuse you of that silliness right now. We are NOT weak; G-d does not tell us to not fight for righteousness, quite the contrary, actually, so be prepared to go on the defensive. We’re already pushing back and we’re going to keep on doing so because WE have our Constitutional tradition and fact to support us and you have nothing but quicksand beneath your feet.

Scalia dismisses concept of religious neutrality in speech

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21st Century Crusade

Anyone still not getting it? Daesh is an army; they are NOT a “terror cell” and they have declared War on us, and, it should be noted, that this POPS specifically named three nations. Three most similar in constitutionality and great freedoms.

The Islamic State’s Promise To The West

In three days, the Christian world celebrates the birth of the Christ child and they hate Him. They hate Him so much that they went so far as to pervert who He is and His message and perfect devotion to God and to God’s Covenant.

In reality, there is nothing more important than the wholesale eradication of Daesh, and sub-groups like them. I’m worried about being able to pay bills, tired of stupid and unconstitutional, imperialistic executive orders, illegal aliens (both benign and criminal), political correctness, etc., but if we do NOT laser-focus on this cesspool of excrement from hell then none of those issues are going to matter.

They are NOT comprised of people like we’ve dealt with in the past; they are not Russians or Germans or Japanese or Vietnamese; these things are a bloodlust cult whose philosophy has NO respect for Life … none, zero, zip! There is no common ground, as Trump posited that if we bomb their families they’ll cave. No, they don’t give a rat’s ass about their families; they rear their children to crave death. Have you ever seen a news clip, or one of their own videos showing any one of them running through active fire to rescue anyone? No! That’s what our G.I.s do; we’ll run through an active gun battle to scoop up an innocent child caught in the crossfire. They’ll celebrate that child’s death as a “shahid”, a martyr. They revel in orgasmic delight in death and the more gruesome and horrific the death(s) the better! There is ZERO common ground upon which to base a peaceful negotiation. The moment one pledged his, or her, dedication to Islamism and the “jihad” he/she surrendered their humanity and embraced the absolute Evil. Their souls are as black and corrupted as is possible and there’s no coming back from that for the 99.9% of them. The ones who do rediscover their humanity flee Daesh as soon as they are able.

Our feckless leader, our narcissistic “eye on my legacy” President is a coward and, tragically possibly, a Quisling. Oh, he’s doing some bombing sorties against their positions … finally. He had the chance even just a year ago to make a real impact and, as with everything else regarding the security and safety of the American people, and the world at large, he failed miserably. The American citizen is not Obama’s priority; he doesn’t have the sane capacity to empathize with our losses to in-country attacks. He repeatedly, without fail, redirects the tragic attacks of our people being murdered into a tirade about legal citizens owning legal weapons – again, his “legacy” is forefront in his delusional mind.

This is a War unlike any we, as Americans, have ever had to wage. Our European ancestors would recognize this, though; they combatted the Caliphate before in the form of the chronically misrepresented Holy Crusades. It IS a Holy War and we’d damn well better get our heads wrapped around it and mount up or we face wholesale bloody slaughter in our own homes and streets. This is a nexus point, folks, we either channel our ancestors and launch this era’s Crusade or we bury our children, if Daesh leaves anything left to bury after their slaughter here begins.

Let’s take a closer look at Daesh and the rabid upsurge in Islamo-fascism in this era.

Daesh, or as they prefer, IS – Islamic State, is not new. In 1999, they came together as Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad or, in English, Organization of Monotheism and Jihad under the leadership of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. That’s a name with which many will be all too familiar. al-Zarqawi, devoted slimy weasel that he was, pledged allegiance to bin Laden’s al-Qaeda in October of 2004 and Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad morphed into al-Qaeda in Iraq, aka AQI. As they grew and merged with other groups along the way, ultimately, they finally ended up with the pretentious moniker of ISIS – Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Alternately, to lay their “hereditary” – pure bull@#$% – claim to Eretz Israel, they also chose ISIL – Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Nowadays, as they’ve “matured”, they’ve gone for the short and sweet IS – Islamic State.

Are you seeing the commonality in all their alter-egos? ISLAMIC! They have told us, repeatedly, yelled it from the rooftops, that they ARE Islamic. Most of the general citizenry of just about every nation on the planet “gets it”; it only seems to be our government, most notably, the Obama administration and our Congress, who seem totally clueless. Of course, they’re not really running around with their fingers in their ears, endlessly repeating “Na Na Na, can’t hear you!” whenever any real citizen makes that very salient point. They are fully cognizant that ISIS, or, as I prefer, Daesh (because it pisses them off as an insult), is absolutely classic Qur’anic Islam in its totality. One only need to read the damn book, and the Hadiths, to gain that crystal clear understanding. No, sadly, our government is not clueless to exactly who they are and what their guiding force is but they’ve been in bed with the American satellites of the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR and ISNA, for years. Years far predating this current administration. This one, though, really ramped up the intimate relationship. I’ll explore the Muslim Brotherhood connection to our government in another article in early January 2016.

For now, though, let me bottom line this for you. The doomsday clock is ticking, folks, and it’s not ticking in our favor. We are going to have to make a choice, once and for all, we either choose to live and ensure our nation and her people and our national culture or start buying caskets. That’s it in a nutshell. There is no third alternative. There is no “fluffy bunny”, posey-carrying Dove alternative; I truly wish there was. This is War and we are playing catch-up and, so far, playing it very badly and ineptly. Your choice. Live or Die.

And on that harsh, in-your-face, scary thought, I sincerely wish you all a very Joyous and Merry Christmas. Hug your children and all your loved ones tighter this year and send up a prayer that we will triumph and, come next Christmas, the obscenity of Daesh will be running for its life and we will, finally, know some sense of security and safety.

God Bless You All and God Bless the United States of America and all who stand in her and our defense.

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To Arm … or Not To Arm

Since the anti-2A rhetoric is never NOT dialed up, I’ll jump in with my 2-cents-worth, too.

Now, if you can manage to get a sturdy grip on your hysteria for a couple of minutes, let’s talk turkey.

There are approximately 300,000,000 privately-owned LEGAL weapons in this country held by LEGALLY “vetted” owners. Someone has put out a wholly misleading meme claiming “…455 mass killings…”, meant solely to advance the ignorance of hysteria rather than honestly going to the DOJ’s own statistics. (By the way, keep in mind, that the DOJ does work for our Democrat administration yet they manage to adhere to the facts of the numbers.) What that particular meme neglects to mention is how many of those “mass shootings” are gang, or other crime, -related. That might shoot holes in their “hair on fire” narrative – pun intended. And, by the way, no, I am not going to do all the work for you; go do your own research as I have.

Can we do better in the vetting process? Probably. There’s still the sticky-wicket swirling around potential violations of HIPPA in regards to psychiatric issues and that does need to be addressed … very, very carefully. That issue aside, let’s deal with the immediate, knee-jerk reaction in wake of the mass murder of 14 innocent people in San Bernardino this past Wednesday. It was expected, indeed, most of us could have set our watches by how long it was going to take the anti-gun cadre to spin up and spin the REAL story away from the horror of what those innocent victims endured in that conference room into their own personal agenda.

FACT: Syed Farook was a native-born American with an absolute ZERO criminal history. From what I’ve found, so far, he didn’t even have so much as a parking ticket on his record. He, legally, purchased 2 pistols, after completing the REQUIRED ATF Form 4473. (Form 4473 is a required form, regardless of whatever your individual State may also require, or permit. If the 4473 “hits” on an exception, such as a felony conviction, no, you do NOT get to purchase the weapon. You’ll need to find a “Fast & Furious”-type, out-of-the-trunk seller if you want an illegal weapon.)

FACT: Neither Syed Farook, nor Tashfeen Malik, purchased the long rifles legally… from any dealer, anywhere. (At this time, law enforcement believes they were “passed” to them from an as-yet unidentified “friend”.)

We have some genuine crises to deal with here and not one of them is the private ownership of legally purchased weapons. Stop conflating the issues! That has led to ostrich-like behavior and we just plain do not have the time anymore for this nonsense!

Legal gun owners are NOT the enemy. Islamists ARE the enemy; criminal thugs on our streets shooting children with ILLEGALLY obtained guns ARE the enemy, and in that priority. Stop slamming your knees into your noses long enough to find some clarity based upon reality; in the real world, your survival actually DOES hinge on facing reality.

Now, I’m not telling every person to go out and buy a weapon; actually, the thought of that does scare the hell out of me. Some people just are not emotionally equipped to handle the reality of the ramifications of having to wield that weapon in their own, or someone else’s, defense … and that’s okay! Let’s get prosaic for a moment, for the sake of argument – if you find yourself, or a loved one, in a situation like Wednesday’s, indoors or out, you know the police are on their way but it’s going to, under normal circumstances (Weds.’ response time was NOT normal; it was pure good fortune that the entire S.O. was on a training mission nearby when the call went out), take the responders anywhere from 2-5 minutes to get on-scene and that’s going hellbent-for-leather, all-out, Code 3. You witnessed in Wednesday’s assault that it was pretty much all over before law enforcement could arrive and they were all collected, essentially, down the street. In 2-5 minutes, dozens, or hundreds, could be dead or wounded. Do you want to take cover behind the person who is wielding a bouquet of daisies or the one with the Glock who obviously knows how to handle it? Do you think that particle board table is going to stop a high-calibre round or would you rather someone take action ASAP and take out the killers? Do keep one other little aspect of that in mind, too; the killers are going to swing their focus to the one holding the weapon, we’re giving you a fighting chance to get away.

That’s just out there for food for thought.

Gun owners today are making themselves better and better trained, thanks to the availability of more and more special training courses now available in nearly every community across the country. They’re not just spending half-an-hour shooting at paper targets anymore; they’re learning how, and when, to shoot, or don’t shoot.

As I said, just food for thought … no one is demanding that you arm yourself if you do not feel confident that you can handle the weapon, and all that it imports. All we’re asking, all I’m asking, is, please, stop flying off the hysteria bridge of woefully incorrect assertions; think, research, then think some more and, for God’s sake, and yours, STOP listening to politicians – they are only pushing their own personal political agendas. Make your own choice; that, too, is a matter of your legal rights as a citizen of the United States – to choose NOT to be a weapon bearer – but leave the rest of us alone. We are not your enemy and, frankly, we just plain no longer have the time for this nonsense. The clock is ticking, and it is ticking against us; if we do not get a grasp on the real priorities immediately we are going to have more and more of these attacks in our communities.

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